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Display Advertising

Elevate your online presence with our display advertising solutions. We create eye-catching banner ads and display them strategically to reach your target audience. Count on us to enhance your brand visibility and drive engagement across the web.


Display Advertising India

Display advertising refers to the process of advertising your products and services through visuals. These visuals are usually posted on networks of publisher websites such as the Google Display Network or Facebook. These advertisements are placed on third-party platforms in the form of a banner, an image, or a video.

Display advertising services offered by Web Brain InfoTech can be subdivided into three titles. These include site placement advertising, contextual advertising, and remarketing. Unlike pull approach used in search advertising, display advertising employs a push approach. Here, users who see your display ads are targeted purposefully for those visuals.

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Display Advertising With Web Brain InfoTech

With a variety of targeting, placement, and bidding options available in display advertising, wrong choices can easily lead your business towards an unwanted outcome. Web Brain InfoTech can help drive your display advertising campaign to success. Our display advertising services include,

  • Ad Creation
  • Ad Optimization
  • Analytics Assessment
  • Design Assessment
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Media Integration

Forms Of Display Advertising

While ads in the Google Search Network are usually restricted to just a few lines of text, Display Ads can be presented in several formats and shapes. You can choose between standard display or a range of rich media alternatives. Rich media ads use HTML5 to deliver advanced features like video, audio, expansion, and polling. Let us take a brief look at some forms of display ads that can seriously benefit your digital marketing campaign.

Static Banners Ads

A banner is a simple image advertisement that is served on a web page. Static banner ads refer to those banners that typically consist of a single image file with no additional feature. While static banners are commonly used, other forms are usually preferred for optimizing CTR.

Animated Ads

Animated ads are a cut above static banners when it comes to capturing attention. They catch the customer’s eye and work against banner blindness. These ads can also be combined with audio to create long-form ads that offer detailed explanations about your products or services.

Interactive Ads

Interactive advertisements offer embedded features that allow potential customers to interact with the ad itself. Interactive ads help brands tell stories, enhance personalization, and create a lasting impression on the target audience. Such an ad may invite the user to perform an action in order to have something revealed. This adds a new layer of user interface that cannot be achieved through static banners.

Video Ads

While video ads are primarily served through video content platforms, they can also be distributed through display ad networks and social ad networks. Videos perform well on both handheld and desktop devices. Videos are easy to consume, and many marketers have achieved higher engagement rates with videos than with traditional image advertisements.

Expandable Ads

These are rich media ads that can be expanded beyond the original size of the advertisement space. Some expandable ads can be configured to expand automatically when a page loads, whereas other will expand when a user-initiated interaction is performed. Expandable ads are still relatively uncommon, although they are being increasingly deployed on both desktop and mobile display networks.

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